"Every leader should be obsessed with this question:
'How am I paving the way for the next generation?'
Your answer to that question will determine your legacy."

– Lee Kricher 
Founder, For A New Generation

For A New Generation

“Rich in insight, difficult to put down, courage-inspiring, practical, and brutally honest, For a New Generation makes church revitalization seem invitingly doable—because it can be!”

Warren Bird, Ph.D., ECFA

“The story of a church where the seemingly impossible became possible in God’s power. Read it with the prayer that God will do a similar work in your church!”

— Thom S. Rainer, Church Answers

“Lee Kricher is the expert I point people to with questions about transitioning a church…”

— Andy Stanley, North Point Ministries  

Seamless Pastoral Transition

“I’m so glad Lee Kricher has written this book! Lee will help set up you and your team to create a succession strategy that will help your church thrive into the future.”
— Carey Nieuwhof

Seamless Leadership Transition

There is a critical question that every senior leader must ask; “Am I responsible for what happens after I leave my leadership role?” If your answer to that question is “yes”— or if you are a board member who thinks that the senior leader’s answer should be “yes”—this book is written for you.

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