Pastoral Transition

Pastoral transitions are inevitable for every church. No matter how long the tenure of any pastor, a transition is coming. Unfortunately, pastoral transitions often result in a major setback for the church—and it is becoming increasingly difficult for churches to bounce back. One practice that can mitigate such setbacks is Seamless Pastoral Transition. A Seamless Pastoral Transition is a leadership transition in which a pastoral vacancy is avoided by a planned overlap in service of the outgoing pastor and the incoming pastor.

The benefits of a Seamless Pastoral Transition, when implemented with sound leadership transition principles, are significant. A Seamless Pastoral Transition ensures the continuity of a church’s mission. It maintains a church’s positive momentum. Just as important, a Seamless Pastoral Transition gives the congregation a priceless opportunity to observe godly leadership virtues in action as modeled by the outgoing and incoming pastors. The book, Seamless Pastoral Transition, focuses on three Leadership Transition Imperatives to embrace and covers six Leadership Transition Pitfalls to avoid during pastoral transitions.

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